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Hi guys !!
I read from wiki:

Orb of Alchemy x1 -------------> All must have the same name:
item (rare) x3
All must be of the same base item type (e.g., Recurve Bow) and have 20% quality:
item (normal) x1
item (magic) x1
item (rare) x1

now.. these are same name ? from unid them have the same name, id the name it's diffent but match exact name on thousand of item it's kinda hard...or abyssal sceptre is the "same base item" ? thanks a lot

It refers to the same base item obviously.
and so why mercant don't give me that alchemy ?
Nope. The name is Behemoth Blow, Gale Blow, Blight Weaver. Those have to be the same.

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